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Rae of Knowledge (R.o.K.) started eleven years ago, after giving workshops and mentoring others in areas of leadership, educational advancement, and career transition within higher education. In 2018, I expanded beyond friends and colleagues and began taking clients. Since then, R.o.K. has given workshops to larger audiences and taken clients as far away as Canada, helping others progress in their goals sooner than expected.

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Relationship-Based Approach

Rae of Knowledge was created by Dr. Sydney D. Richardson to help organizational teams and their leaders achieve enhanced levels of  goal setting and achievement in a relational way. By designing workshops and seminars based on teamwork, leadership development, and mentoring, Dr. Richardson works to ensure that effective relationships and practices are formed to meet team goals and plans.

Through evidence-based research, along with tested practices, Rae of Knowledge helps leaders and organizations become more conscientious and intentional about utilizing strengths and development, ultimately building a culture of teamwork and success. Rae of Knowledge firmly executes a multi-purposed strategy, leading to positive returns.


Small Business and Non-Profit Consulting

Are you ready to take your company/organization to the next level? If so, let Dr. Richardson work with you to strategize and implement the next steps to get your company/organization thriving and meeting goals sooner than expected.

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Career Transition

Are you ready to transition into a new career, but need guidance? Does your new area require education and you're not sure where to start? Meet with Dr. Richardson to discuss options, develop a new plan, and envision what a new direction could resemble.

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Leadership Coaching

Are you new to leadership, creating an effective team, and/or inspiring others to progress in their work? Do you need help having challenging conversations? With over 16 years of experience, Dr. Richardson works with leaders to help them meet their goals, inspire their teams, and identify their own leadership type. *Schedule a workshop for your company or a one-on-one session.

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"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive."

Audre Lorde


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"This workshop [Creating a Culture of Teamwork] exceeded my expectations. I've been through quite a few leadership and teamwork workshops and left the day not having learned very much. I appreciated that this session was interactive and caused us to reflect on our personal actions and goals in relation to our office ."

From "Creating a Culture of Teamwork"

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13 Challenges was designed with the busy person in mind. Taking timeless strategies and breaking them down into one-at-a-time tasks, 13 Challenges allows readers to manage aspects of their lives in order to make it less overwhelming and complex. This book is for people needing to simplify their lives in order to succeed.

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Below is a sample of workshops by Dr. Richardson:
- Meaningful Mentoring
- Settingthe Foundation for Your Leadership
- Creating a Culture of Teamwork
- Establishing Healthy Conflict
- Crafting Your Future Resume
- Reorganizing Your Team for Effectiveness


In this guest blog post, Dr. Richardson describes why working on one's weakness is important instead of ignoring them. *Professional Women of Winston-Salem

Happy Hiking

In this guest blog post, Dr. Richardson explains ways to identify the type of mentor you need and why choosing the best mentoring style is beneficial.