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About Me

Rae of Knowledge (R.o.K.) began after 16 years of giving workshops and 1) advising mid-career professionals on the best methods to transition into their new careers and 2) coaching new leaders in their positions. In 2018, I officially launched R.o.K. and began taking clients. Using a specially developed method for career transitioning as well as leadership foundations, R.o.K. has helped clients meet their goals sooner than expected.

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Coaching for New Leaders

Learn How to Use Your Own Style

Instead of barely floating, trying to lead a group to greatness, learn how to use your authenticity (plus relationship-based leadership tips) to sail into a great leader. Dr. Richardson's coaching and workshops focus on:

- Creating a Team Culture

- Building your Leadership Foundations

- Managing Conflict in the Workplace

- Developing Others on Your Team

Through tailored coaching sessions or group workshops, let Dr. Richardson help you and other newer leaders manage and guide effectively and with results!

Career Transition Coaching

You know where you're going, but how do you get there?

Career Transitioning with R.o.K. begins with the Future Tree Model. This model starts with where you want to be and works backwards to where you are. Before getting started, you’ll clearly define your next career. Then we’ll work through the 5 points of the Future Tree:

  1. A Healthy Self

  2. Education & Experience

  3. The Right Networks

  4. Support System

  5. Obstacles & Challenges

Your Future Tree will aid me in creating the plan for you and coaching you through each step, as you move towards your next career. Knocking goals off one by one, you'll arrive at your next career, prepared to thrive! Are you ready?  Let’s go!


"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive."

Audre Lorde


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"Words cannot express our gratitude for your wisdom and availability to us. We look forward to continued partnership."

International Women's Ministry Network

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March 1,2020

Leadership is Hard! is a new book by Dr. Richardson set to give new leaders an edge on managing and supervising others. Focusing on 10 attributes of effective leaders, Dr. Richardson guides readers through scenarios, tips, and examples to help people swim, not sink. Order your copy today!

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